Perspectives Magazine

Where inanimate objects and animals have their say


Quotes Perspectives Magazine defies conventionality and constantly strives to impress its various readers with a genius that is unique to mainstream, literary journals. The most primal element a magazine must contain for success is a vision, a purpose that is clearly defined for authors and readers alike. Perspectives delivers just that with inanimate things that take on a life of their own, and a voice that will leave you speechless! Nothing is what it seems at first here, and no one is safe from its wondrous effect. Why exactly this magazine is not being sold in newsstands, shops, and bookstores across the country really is a mystery to me. I, however, still feel honored to have my poem "Quicksand's Downward Spiral" soon featured in the forthcoming issue. So go ahead and relax; you're in good hands. Brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime--an unforgettable one! Quotes
--L.C. Atencio
Former Editor of Phoenix Magazine